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working drawing sketch plans blueprints and making architectural construction model in architect studio,flat layouts etc

Professional Engineering Consultations and Design Services in Yarmouth

Delmar Construction Ltd offers professional engineering consultation and design services. Our services are civil engineering, specializing in structural design. Our engineers work with the client to make any structure a reality. If you’re looking to build an all-new structure, add on to an existing structure, or modify an existing structure for new purposes, we can provide engineering solutions to fit your needs. A full detailed set of construction plans are provided with every design. We offer drafting in 2D and 3D, as well as 3D rendering.

At Delmar Construction, we have the unique advantage of working both in the engineering and construction domains, allowing our engineers to bridge the gap between design and construction, ensuring all designs are not only safe, but are also economical and practical to construct.


We offer designs with the following common construction materials, all of which are designed to the most recent editions of Canadian Codes:

Wood (CSA O86-14)

Steel (CSA S16-14)

Reinforced Concrete (CSA A23.3-14)

Masonry (CSA S304-14 R2019)

All designs conform to the National Building Code of Canada, latest edition.


The following are some of the services (but not limited to) that we offer::

Lobster Pound Tank Design


Fish Processing Facility Design


Commercial Freezer Design


Slab On Grade Design

Residential House Plans & Design

Tall Wall Design

Bridge Design

Bridge rehabilitation & retrofitting


Small Crane Design, Cargo/Freight Elevator 


Design, structural support for accessible elevators


Building structural alterations & adaptations to current codes

Load Bearing Wall Removals


Site planning and layout


Building Inspections, Analysis & Evaluations


Recommendations and remedies for structural 



Residential & Commercial Foundation Design


Commercial & industrial building design


Multi-level apartment design


Custom wood truss design


Pre-engineered & steel building foundation design


Retaining wall design


Specialty steel, concrete and wood design

We offer design services for all aspects of the fishing industry. From reinforced concrete lobster tanks, industrial grade freezer buildings, fish processing facilities, to ice plants, we cover the full range of needs for the fishing industry.

Fishing Industry Design:

Commercial & Industrial Design:

Let us help you plan and design the right building to suit your commercial and industrial needs. From the foundation design for a pre-engineered building, to a full set of construction drawings for your facility, our design experience covers all areas.

Residential Design:

We offer design services to take your residential construction from the ground to completion. Rather, if it's a full set of construction drawings for your custom dream home, or just a component of it such as foundations, tall walls or floating slabs, we’re able to provide you with what you need!

Building Structural Inspection and Evaluations:

If you’re buying a property or building, we’re able to pre-form a structural inspection to ensure that there are no issues with the integrity of the building. A letter of certification will be issued if no issues are found. If issues are found, recommendations and a remedial plan can be issued at the request of the client.

Our engineers are also able to analyze a building in depth to determine its structural integrity in the event of a change of occupancy or layout. We work with clients to ensure that their layout ideas are taken into account when evaluating the existing structure and provide a detailed set of remedial plans if the structure requires reinforcement.

We also analyze problematic areas in structures, such as structural decay (rotting or rusting), vibrations, and even structural failures. We’re able to pinpoint any issues or dangers and provide appropriate solutions to mitigate these issues.

We can design bridges in accordance with the latest edition of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, to ensure that you have a safe crossing over any terrain obstacle.  We can also analyze existing bridges, and determine appropriate weight caps, or provide remedial work to allow the bridge to support the vehicle weights stipulated by the design codes.

Bridge Design & Rehabilitation

Site Layouts:

We offer site layout planning services to ensure that the elevations, drainage and grading will work for your particular project. By using highly detailed laser scans of the terrain (LIDAR), we’re able to accurately map the existing terrain, and what changes are to be made to achieve the desired layout.


Get in touch with our team today to get professional designs for your ideas.

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